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Goddess Chloe Cash

Goddess Chloe  Cash
Goddess Chloe Cash

Goddess Chloe is the Supreme Being your life has been missing. Kneel before Goddess Chloe. Open your wallet. Surrender and submit.


Goddess Chloe knows your weaknesses. She knows everything that goes on in that tiny, perverted brain of yours. She knows how desperately you need to submit to someone who is superior to you in every way. She intends to exploit that need, and have you thank Her for it afterwards.


There are many kinds of subs, and many ways to serve Goddess Chloe. She enjoys accepting tributes from hopelessly devoted pay pigs, whose highest dream in life is to know that their hard-earned cash is contributing to Her life in luxury. Perhaps She’ll even send them a thought in passing while She spends it.


She enjoys playing with sissies. They look so cute and silly when they dress up. She enjoys foot freaks. It amuses Her how obsessed they are with Her feet, socks and shoes, no matter how sweaty and disgusting they are. She enjoys locking subs up in chastity and denying them orgasm. They grow so eager and obedient as the days turn into weeks, and the weeks into months. She is not at all convinced that slaves should ever be allowed to experience orgasm.


But no matter what kind of sub you are, She demands your absolute loyalty, respect and obedience. She is not here to cater to your fetish. Your fetish is just the path you take to become a true submissive, someone who puts Her needs first.


Goddess Chloe is above all a Goddess of the mind. Her mind will ensnare you, envelope you, and penetrate you in playfully sadistic ways. She wants control, and expects you to give it to Her. The one freedom She will permit you is to obsess about finding new ways to make Her happy. Her happiness is your happiness. Nothing else matters.


One of Her favorite activities is Teamviewer domination: Taking control of your computer. Seeing your innermost secrets. Deciding when and how you may use it. Fucking it up. Goddess Chloe sets no time limits on Her TeamViewer sessions. Once you’ve been foolish enough to let Her into Your computer, it’s not over until She decides it’s over.


Another favorite activity is hypnosis, the ultimate mind fuck: Entering the deepest corners of your mind, and changing how you think and feel. Creating triggers that make you even weaker and more vulnerable to Her manipulation. Training you to become a good, hard-working slave, who cheerfully sacrifices for Her again and again and again.


Don’t approach Goddess Chloe lightly. Learn about Her first. Watch Her clips, read Her articles. Tribute Her an amount that reflects your devotion, and makes you stand out from the countless lazy, greedy subs who contact Her every day. Then approach Her with respect, while trembling and crawling on your knees.


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